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21 Colour add Digital Print Capacity

By 11th September 2014Uncategorized

photoThis week saw the arrival of a new digital press at the 21 Colour factory in Glasgow. The Kodak Nexpress will be operational by the end of the month and adds to the existing Igen 4 in the digital print department. Philip Cole, Sales Director said ‘The investment in our new digital press is critical to the growth of the company, we took a long time to make the decision to go with the Kodak Nexpress. We undertook a thorough testing programme with all of the main digital providers and it became an obvious choice in the end to go with the Nexpress. The main benefits for 21 Colour and our customers is the quality of the print, the flexibility in terms of the paper stocks and the real USP is the large sheet attachment which means we can print a sheet 914mm long’.


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